Alipore is a village in Chikhli Taluka of Navsari District in the state of Gujarat, India.
A truly global village spread over the three continents of Asia, Africa and Europe.

Alipore has some 4300 inhabitants living in the village. There are around 2500 people from Alipore living tn the UK and well over 5000 more in South Africa.

The majority of the population of the village is made of sunni Vohra and Mulla communities. Other smaller muslim communities also live in the village. Right up to mid-1900s there were other communities such as cobblers, luhars and sonis but sadly all of them have now moved on. Alipore also has a large Adiwasi Hindu population.

The indigenous population of the village are mainly landowner Vohras. Traditionally the village survived on farming, producing rice as a main crop but also producing daals, cotton, mangoes, cattle grass etc.

Early records shows that the village had a few famous enterpreneurs who had a thriving business in the logging and timber industries.

Alipore was once well known for producing a handcrafted local cloth called Khadi, which was later replaced by electric hand looms producing fine cotton cloth. Sadly the present era has no demand for this type of cloth and the whole cottage industry has died along with the skills.

The village has a few stone quarries supplying mine stone for construction and road works. Alipore has a big dairy plant called Vasudhara Dairy run by the milk co-operative of the Valsad and Navsari districts. It collects milk from the surrounding villages to produce milk in cartons as well as other dairy products such as butter.

Alipore has some wonderful landmarks. It boasts five beautiful Masjids, Jain Derasar(Mandir), a well equipped General Hospital, two Darul Ulooms and a High School. Alipore has good road system and a clean water supply to every household in the village.

There are shopping malls and good resturants nearby. Taxis and rickshaws are plentyful and the village is well connected by bus and train services.

Alipore is well connected to nearby towns by National Highway no 8. Mumbai is 236km away, Surat is 55km and Navsari is only 25km.

Salim Loonat

20th oct 1998