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This site is for dedicated proud Aliporeans,

Some of us live in Alipore, others in the U.K, South Africa and so many all over the world.

Many of us were born in Alipore; others have either parents or grandparents born in Alipore. We are all interconnected with our faith, but mostly related to each other. We are spread all over the globe and yet have one single thread binding us, namely Alipore.

We have no records of our rich history. My aim is to create a site where all of us share our heritage, upbringing and tales from our old folks.

I want to collect history about our village, its residents, the family names (all you Loonats, Lahers,Mayets and others), houses our old folks built and lived in. The land they farmed, our progress or rather lack of progress. Why do so many of us choose to leave our green land for far away countries?

There is so much we can do here. Alipore has changed beyond recognition. Let us preserve its rich history for our next generation. I am open to suggestions and ideas, so be part of it.

If you have some new and old photographs why not share it with other Aliporeans. If you have recently visited Alipore then tell us your experience here.

“Aliporeans are famous for their business sense, enterprise , charity and hospitality.”

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