• To arrived in U.K.; Ebrahim bhai Bilakhdi, 1951
  • To buried in UK soil; Musabhai A Karoila, son of Ahmed Karolia(seth) and Aysha Karolia,21st Nov 1956, aged 28
  • To open a shop; Yusufbhai Adam Momoniat 1960,Grocery store
  • To open a small factory; a househould textile manufaturing ;Ismil Ebrahim Daji son of Ebrahim and Mariyam Daji; Feb1974.
  • To have a wedding
  • To stand as a local councillor; Yusufbhai A Momoniat 1961
  • To achived college diploma; diploma in textile, Ismail Ebrahim Daji,son of Ebrahim and Mariyam Daji; 1965/66 , Dewssbury college.
  • To own a car;Moulana Ebrahim A Karolia 1962 a Vauxuhall
  • To have a job other than mill worker; Yusufbhai H Momoniat ; a bus driver; Blackburn.1964
  • To arrived in U.K to get married;Ahmed H Karolia son of Hassan and Aysha Karolia; married to Fatema, daughter of Moulana Ebrahim A Karolia and Aysha Karolia on 6th Nov 1966.
  • To become a Doctor;Ashraf Laher son of Moulana Fateh Mohammed and Rabiya Laher1980
  • To become state reg Nurse; Rashida Laher, daughter of Moulana Fateh Mohammed and Rabiya Laher, 1981
  • To become an Aleem; moulana Imran Daji,son of Fakir Hassan Daji and Zulekha Daji,from Burry Darool ulm,1982
  • To become a solicitor; Ayyub Laher,son of moulana Fateh Mohammed and Rabiya Laher,1985
  • To become a local councillor;Yusuf Laher son of Ebrahim Ajeem and Aysya Laher, May 1986, Blackburn.
  • To become Dental surgen;Dr.Yusuf Laher, son of Mohammed Amin and Hawa Laher, Graduated at Kings College, London, 1989
  • To become a Magistrate (J.P); Salim Loonat, son of Yusuf Ismail Loonat and Amina Loonat 1992, Dewsbury.
  • To recived Phd; Dr Ismail Y Patel; son of Yusuf Saleh Patel and Aysha Patel; at Royal London Medical college, subject; Bio-chemistry;1994
  • U.K. born to become Doctor;Dr Anis S Loonat son of Salim Yusuf Loonat and Amina Loonat;
    Graduated at Manchester University, 1996.
  • To recived an OBE from the Queen;Ahmed Yusuf Lunat son of Yusuf I Loonat and Amina Loonat, Jan 1999.
  • To recived HIND RATNA from the International Congress of Non-residents Indians; Abdul Karim Gheewala, Leicester, Jan 2001.
  • To become a member of UN Initiative;Abdul Karim Gheewala. Leicester.
  • U.K. born Woman to become Lady doctor;Ayshbibi L ValiMulla, daughter of Liyakat Rasulbhai Valimulla and Saleha ValiMulla,Graduated at University of Leeds,2008
  • U.K. born woman to become optician;Muniza Daji; daughter of Ismail and Aysha Daji. 2007.
  • To become deputy Mayor; Clr Salim Mulla .May2012. Blackburn.Lancs

If you have any information on any First amongs Aliporeans, please do let me know.

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