Aliporeans are famous for their business sense, enterprise , charity and hospitality. May they prosper and stay on right path, have mercy and blessing of Allah SWT. Ameen




United Kingdom



Alipore is a village in Chikhli Taluka of Navsari District in the state of Gujarat, India. A truly global village spread over the three continents of Asia, Africa and Europe

Alipore has some 4300 inhabitants living in the village. There are around 2500 people from Alipore living tn the UK and well over 5000 more in South Africa. The majority of the population of the village is made of sunni Vohra and Mulla communities. Other smaller muslim communities also live in the village. Right up to mid-1900s there were other communities such as cobblers, luhars and sonis but sadly all of them have now moved on. Alipore also has a large Adiwasi Hindu population. The indigenous population of the village are mainly landowner Vohras. Traditionally the village survived on farming, producing rice as a main crop but also producing daals, cotton, mangoes, cattle grass etc.



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